Organizational information

  1. Any text editions of codes in “book format” are allowed as long as they are not commented. Printed PDF versions of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB), Code of Obligations (OR), Swiss Civile Procedure (ZPO), Swiss Federal Supreme Court Act (BGG) and Swiss Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Act (SchKG) are not permitted. Any other codes can be printed in A5 format on both sides (i.e. correspond to an official edition of the law).
  2. Simple cross-references to other articles (e.g. in the Gauch text edition) are allowed, as are footnotes with references to Federal Court rulings (BGEs; e.g. in the commercial study edition).
  3. Notes in the codes are allowed.
  4. Loose insert sheets and glued in sheets are not permitted (except in the official edition, insofar as these sheets are official themselves and serve to update the law).
  5. It is not allowed erase  printed text with Tipp-Ex in order to gain additional space for notes.
  6. Post-it notes are allowed at the edge of pages for the purpose of better clarity and structure.
  7. Notes, textbooks, legal commentaries etc. are not allowed.